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  1. Shayna Silverstein says:

    Vote for Masrah Ensemble. They are the best.

  2. Zaheer says:

    Our Support is for Thespianz. They have fully control on monitoring and evaluation as well as sustainability of the projects.

    Well-done Thespianz !!

  3. Hammad Khan says:

    I voted to Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood from Thespianz Theatre Pakistan because their work in social theater is really amazing and thought provoking. They took this initiative to raise awareness through theater plays and well executed their vision wether area is urabn or rural they went their and spread social awareness through their master pieces. I was amazed when I got to know that Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood went to the one of most deprived division in Pakistan in the month of June which was more than 50 degree centigrade hot I was just surprised to knows their hard work and enthusism in social theater. As far as their number of beneficiaries from social theater is just awesome as they have beneficiated 4 lac people from 2014-15 through their social theater plays. I am thankful to Ellen Stewart award’s organizers to bring on our diamonds from Pakistan.

  4. Imran Ali says:

    I believes, Thespianz will get the award – They are very hard workers and famous in Pakistan

  5. Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood are from those rare artist who continuously fighting against poverty, lacking of education, drugs addiction and thousand of evil issues in Pakistan. They are promoting arts and culture and raising awareness in worse law and order situation. My vote to Faisal and Nouman

  6. Muhammad Mustaqeem says:

    Thespianz Theater believes in innovative and social Performing Arts. Thespianz most modern work in Theater and performing arts are always admiring to the viewers. Thespianz have had honor to stage big social theatres in Pakistan andThespianz are the proud creators of “Modern String Puppetry Art”.

  7. Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood are two innovative personalities, I had an honour to work in the supervision of these two artistic souls, their work towards innovation is really inspiring and of course admiring. they are creators of a dazzling theater play “Uth Oye” a wake up call to those who are illiterate or drug addicted, the way they have conveyed such an amazing and powerful messages through their innovative artistic work was superb, I personally believe that Faisal and Nouman are deserving for this award. My all support and vote with them.
    I wish I could cast them thousands of vote but I can’t. Best of luck Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood!

  8. maham ali says:

    Thespianz Theater make great Social Change in Pakistan
    They did alots of work

  9. adil malik says:

    Thespianz Theater spreading th message of peace around the world

  10. amun mehtanni says:

    thespian theater work greatly for social change in the country

  11. jam hopes says:

    Thespianz Theater wish you best of Luck

  12. john kerry says:

    It’s really nice to see ThespianzTheater i believe you will win

  13. janerose says:

    I watched Thespianz Theater performance it was amazing they are really professional and hard working team.

  14. aman khowaja says:

    Faisal Malik and nouman mehmood are very inspiring.

  15. amin samnani says:

    Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood both are very talented hope they win this Award and make us pround

  16. mike Hopes says:

    Good Luck ThespianzTheater

  17. Asif says:

    my vote for Thespianz Theater

  18. rahul says:

    Thespianz Theater really deserved to win.

  19. Amjad Raza says:

    Pakistan’s domestic environment has become increasingly degraded in terms of economic, social and internal security during the last ten years. The common man wants economic security ie the money he earns sustains him and his family, in this our Cultural sector is either a victim of this all law and order situation. Hats off to Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood who brings peace and harmony as well as social awareness through their theater plays and performing arts campaign. I am a journalist and I am really very happy to see them in finalists and I strongly believes and hopes that they will make Pakistan proud. My vote for Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood. Long Live Pakistan

  20. Roberto Palza says:

    My vote is by BERITH DANSE. I´m writing in spanish. Because is my lenguaje.

    Conozco el trabajo de BD desde hace más de 10 años. La conocí en Bolivia y luego en Perú. Trabajó con nosotros por lo menos cuatro años de manera sostenida. Capacitándonos en Teatro Comunitario para proyectos de diversa índole social. Y el proyecto más importa fue Proyecto Desierto. Un proyecto que ha dejado una profunda huella no solo en nuestra organización sino también en mi país y algunas ciudades vecinas de Chile, Bolivia y Argentina. Sensibilizando a la población sobre el poder del Arte como instrumento de cambio social en temas tan necesarios como la defensa del medio ambiente, los derechos humanos, la promoción de la mujer, las comunidades indígenas, etc. Creo que ella y su organización Theatre Embassy tienen bien merecida la candidatura para los premios Ellen Steward Internacional Award; y espero pueda obtener el primer lugar, porque entonces podrá continuar con su gran obra en américa Latina, Africa, Asia y Europa oriental. Thanks you.

  21. Remco Moen says:

    I know Berith as a very passionate theater creator and programmer.
    She put’s in a lot of effort in realizing a good and diverse cultural program for our association.

    Remco Moen Marcar,
    Chairman Association De Ceuvel

  22. Sanjoy Ganguly of Jana Sanskriti is a person connects theatre people beyond boundaries in order to liberate the oppressed particularly the younger generation.
    Theatre Activist &
    Swamy Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies
    Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

  23. Sunali says:

    Thespianz is working for deep social work. My vote is for Thespianz

    • abdul basit says:

      East or west
      thespianz is the best…
      the only the organization who deserves is thespianz theatre…

  24. My vote go”s to Theatre Embassy, Berith Danse. Berith is an incredible passionate woman who is going for what she stands for.
    Her love for culture & theatre in a professional way spreads all over the world.
    Bringing people together who communicate importent massages or subjects who are a great concern to us all.
    Stories that have to be told with acting, music, costumes, puppetry and dance. She is a great director and I worked with Berith on several projects world wide which were of great value.

  25. Mi voto es por Berith Danse, Theatre Embassy porque la conozco se de su profesionalismo y por qe tuve la experiencia de trabajar con ella en un proyecto llamado desierto donde el paisaje la arquitectura el teatro la música la danza y las artes plásticas se fusionan para darle vida a un trabajo artístico de carácter social, la experiencia fue muy importante. felicidades Berith Danse.

  26. Berith Danse is an amazing director. She develops theater in public environment. The culture, rituels, stories of the country become central themes in her theater. She has a large network worldwide connecting actors from the world to contribute to her plays. From Palestina to South Africa. She contributed a lot to sociatal problems like climate, water, slavery and violence.

  27. Agata John says:

    Thespianz worked in grass roots level and performed in rural and urban areas of Pakistan.
    As my opinion, although I am from Italy, i have seen Thespianz performance in Pakistan and once in London. They way they touched the feelings of the audience and performed on social issue in the world. I am touched. It will be great honored for them and as well as for a country, who is fighting War on Terror in the world on very front level. This award should go to Thespianz – Pakistan.

  28. Pradip Chanda says:

    Taking a cue from Rabindra Nath Tagore ” Where the mind is led forward by thee

    Into ever-widening thought and action/ Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake”.

    My vote to Sanjay Ganguli for ” Theatre for the oppressed”

  29. Mi voto es por Berith Danse, Theatre Embassy conozco su trabajo es muy profesional y tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con ella en un proyecto llamado Desierto! crear desde el paisaje, la arquitectura la música y las artes plásticas integrándose para darle vida a un gran trabajo artístico. Definitivamente la experiencia fue muy importante, felicidades Berith Danse.

  30. Monique van Akkeren says:

    Berith Danse, ‘is’ Theatre Embassy International!
    Inspirator, motivator and creator.
    She deserves to win this award.


    • Maria Inés Castellanos B says:

      Felicitaciones Nube Sandoval y Bernardo Rey, tuve la oportunidad de ver “ANTIGONA GENEALOGÍA DE UN SACRIFICIO” , Impresionante y excelente trabajo.

  31. Dr. Jawad says:

    I have been to many theatres and have met many artists around the world . But faisal malik of Thespians is an amazing human being. He deserves to win.

  32. Faraz Liaquat says:

    My vote 10474. Good Luck Faisal Bhai 🙂 Regards, Faraz Liaquat

  33. Gabriel says:

    Dear friends,
    Jana Sanskriti is a movement of change in India. India is a very big country, and the inlfuence of Jana Sanskriti and Sanjoy Ganguli in the world is enormous.
    I think Jana Sanskriti and Sanjoy are the best project to be prized, 30 years of hard work to have presence in all the country demostrates it.

    Best regards

    Gabriel (from Spain)

  34. Malcor says:

    JANA SANSKRITI is the most amazing Theatre group I’ve ever met. They are thousands of people from the villages using theatre to trigger change. In their performances the audience can intervene to try solutions and rehearse political change. All the people in the village who benefit from their massive volunteer work will never be able to vote online. Please consider a small research about their impressive work, read the sublime book of Sanjoy Ganguly: Forum theatre and democracy in India, Routledge. VOTE FOR THEM!!!
    Olivier Malcor, Rome, Italy.

  35. Azja says:

    I don’t have any doubts that Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti deserve the award. Their commitment to social justice and gender equality especially in West Bengal is staunch and their persistence (having worked with local communities for nearly 30 years) admirable. They have transformed lives of so many communities and individuals and continue to inspire next generations of theatre activists (spect-activists). Please vote for them!

  36. Watson Tagor says:

    Thespianz Theater is an organization who revived old dying folks and native arts and introduce them in a modern manner. Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood are an inspiring directors who continues to innovate across a broad range of social theater projects. them skills, enthusiasm and willingness to take risks have resulted in theater works that expand our understanding of what it is to be human. They are making a real change in the lives of many people locally and internationally.

  37. Santiago Bastidas says:

    Apoyo Bernardo Rey y Nube Sandoval por su trabajo con las comunidades afrocolombianas por el hecho de fortalecer el tejido social y dar herramientas de expresión para sanar heridas y construir país con el arte como detonante.

  38. Jesucita Mosquera says:

    Felicitaciones Nube y Bernardo por el trabajo que han realizado y siguen realizando en estas tierras del oro y del platino, Condoto, Choco. Creo que es una nominacion muy merecida por toda la labor que realizan, y especialmente por ese trabajo de resiliencia que permite sanar las heridas y salir fortalecidos de ellas.

  39. Vicky Valencia says:

    El trabajo que realizan Nube Sandoval y Bernardo Rey en nuestra comunidad Condoteña y en el resto del Chocó es maravilloso y muy significativo e importante para nuestra cultura y las culturas afroamericanas en Colombia.

  40. je vote en faveur de la compagnie Jana sanskriti.
    En effet , j ‘ai eu l’occasion de travailler avec sanjoy lors d’un stage qu’il animait à Lille à T’op Théâtre ed l’Opprimé sur l’esthétique du théâtre de l’Opprimé . j’ai beaucoup apprécié sa pratique .
    je sais aussi le fort et long l’engagement de cette compagnie à Calcutta auprès des populations qui est ancré dans la réalité sociale des personnes. IL est fondamental que ce combat à la fois culturel et social puisse continuer . il en va de l’avenir de toute une population

  41. Xris Reardon says:

    How cruel to have to vote at all. So many companies that have done, and do, so much wonderful work. But I am most familiar with the work of Sanjoy and the team. I have experienced and been moved by their political will, backed by astute understandings, considered thoughtfulness, in an ongoing and sustained commitment to using theatre for liberation, and justice in rural and urban India (with people from all walks, including youth). I hope that Sanjoy and the team can do something with this added recognition as they are truly an inspirational force. They have 100% dedicated their lives to the work of political and cultural change offering pathways to many others, both in their local and more regional community, as well as abroad. Best.

  42. Saparna Jain says:

    I worked with sanjoy last year for the first time when he conducted the workshop on Forum theatre. The depth of his knowledge in theatre of the oppressed and his passion for it became evident. I am highly inspired by him.

  43. Alvaro lora says:

    Trabaje con ellos y un excelente trabajo bernardo y nuve teatro como puente

  44. Marijke Hoogenboom says:

    I am proud that the work of Berith Danse is acknowledged by so many people around the globe. She has the capacity to be an active local player in Amsterdam, and at the same time an inspirational and creative ‘change agent’ at challenging places beyond Europe!

  45. Cynthia says:

    I vote for Berith Danse, for her inspiring dedication to art and culture all around the world!

  46. Brian Brophy says:

    Sanjoy and his company deserves to be recognised and celebrated for their intense commitment to underserved populations in West Bengal and all over India. Between the never ending politics of government neglect of its people and the promises of a better future, Sanjoy and company maintains a quiet dependability and ever present optimism. The international support by his supporters, attests to his great hearted friendship and visionary depth. While deeply in need of internal government support and encouragement by Indian officials to continue this important work, this award would help elevate his presence in the international sphere more decidedly, and bring more resources to West Bengal for a better future and more stable present.

  47. I voted for Berith Danse Theatre Embassy! Why? Because she does important work all over the world (I worked with her in Gaza) , which deserves an important price.

  48. itziar lasa says:

    Berith Danse, i vote for her, because of her inspiring work, spreading art in all those places where dialoge about local/social issues is needed. Thousands of people who have been working together just for art, that is what Berith has lead and done more than successfully.

  49. Oluchi Igili says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly of Jana Sanskriti surely deserves this award. Please, let’s help him win it.

    • Noemí Robles says:

      Jo he votat per Sanjoy Ganduls, qui fa un treball subtil, directe, constant, enriquidor, que empresa a joves de tots els indrets, ens remou el pensament i ens endreça el criteri per iniciar una lluita per tots, una lluita conjunta contra la opressió i el poder.

    • Maria Inés Castellanos B says:

      El excelente trabajo de estos únicos artistas latinoamericanos Nube Sandoval y Bernardo Rey nominados a tan importante premio, nos invita a reflexionar que ahora debemos acostumbremos a vivir en paz, muchísimo más fácil que la costumbre de vivir en medio de la guerra, no será fácil. Estos artistas le enseñan a Colombia y al mundo a vivir la paz desde el interior de cada ser humano para poder vivir en paz con los demás seres y con la naturaleza. A propósito del conflicto armado y de la crisis humana mundial, muestran con su trabajo lo importante de la memoria para no repetir y no causar tanta tristeza, siendo el único fin de cada existencia, SER FELIZ.

  50. Debbie says:

    My vote goes to Theatre Embassy! I had the pleasure to work with Berith closely for six years at Theatre Embassy. She’s not only a powerful theatre director and inspiring artist, but most of all a powerful and effective global connector of artistic pioniers (being one herself).
    Theatre Embassy is one of the rare organisations worldwide that primarily supports groups of artists that want to contribute to their society from their art. Believing in culture as a basic need. Theatre Embassy with Berith as it’s artistic director has developed and executed many artistic and organisational capacity building programs over the years with it’s partners in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. And with a huge impact: from Nacer in Ecuador, to cultural heritage programs in Boliva and India, and from a professionalisation program in performing arts in Indonesia to a collaboration with the Unions on fisherman rights in Senegal; and of course the prize winning theatre project Basal’ya Bazoba in DR Congo on the theme of child sorcery.
    I am still very proud and grateful that I could work with Berith. And I wish more people in the world will get the opportunity to meet and work with Theatre Embassy in the future.

  51. Till Baumann says:

    I voted for Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti
    because of their deeply aesthetic and deeply transformative Theatre of the Oppressed work that has started more than three decades ago.

  52. wouter says:

    Berith Danse, is a constant source of inspiration. In the project Ceuvel Berith and I worked on, she always knew how to keep things on track and never lost her contagious enthousiasm in order to get the job done.

  53. Parizad Kolapoori says:

    Nouman Mehmood and Faisal Malik’s Social Theater and Performing Arts contributions are very inspiring, they worked in almost all over the country to raise social awareness amongst youth in far flung areas.
    My Vote for Faisal and Nouman!

  54. sterre says:

    I vote for Berith Danse! She does beautiful work all over the world. I’m very proud of her and she is a great talent and inspiriation for many people.

  55. Elise says:

    Berith Danse is a great women to work with and she has established wonderful things with Theatre Embassy. Like her last project/show Nacer/Birth in Ecuador. She truly deserves to win! Go Berith!

  56. Eppe Slijderink says:

    Berith Danse (theatre embassy) is a very special theatremaker that has proved throughout her career to be able to combine culture, art, and local issues in a way that everyone can relate to it. She creates both strong , gentle and impressive images that go beyond culture and become a global language. Therefore she definitely deserves this award!

  57. James Thompson says:

    Writing to give my support to Jana Sanskriti in Kolkata India – amazing theatre group and extended community who have transformed lives through the arts in that region for decades.

  58. Merle Kolf says:

    I voted for Berith Danse!
    Never ever have I met a more dedicated, talented and brilliant person like Berith.
    I believed and hope she will receive this award for her work and as a person.

    Regards, Merle Kolf

  59. roderik sommerdijk says:

    Berrith Dansen, inspiratior for lots of international actor and theater makers. also for me. Worked with her and I am verry happy that I did. Learned a lot and hope more people will get the opportunity to be inspired by her.

  60. Marije ten Brink, lecturer at University of Amsterdam and University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam says:

    I know Berith Danse as an excellent and creative director. She has been involved with numerous theatre productions all over the world and she always manages to inspire the actors and create something special. She deserves to win!

  61. Tamara Lynne says:

    The work of Sanjoy Ganguly and of Jana Sanskriti is a powerful example of the capacity for theatre to engage, inspire and activate communities on a massive scale! Not only does this theatre impact tens of thousands of villagers across India who have engaged in their performances over 30 years, but it also inspires and sustains an international community of artists, reminding us of the true power of theatre to transform lives and communities.

  62. Joop mulder says:

    Berith Danse
    Berith worked with all her heart on so many projects with Theatre Embassy and is a great ambassador for exchange and training on theatre skills all over the world. She should be honored because of her beautifull energy and capacity building which contributes in the wellbeing and happiness of so many cultural organisations and theatre groups from Africa, Asia and Latin-America. She is my number one!
    Joop Mulder,
    Founder and creative director Oerol.
    Director Sense of Place.
    Chevallier in France
    Officer of the Kingdom Netherlands.

  63. Berith Danse (Theatre Embassy Amsterdam), is een unieke artistieke leider, organisator, producer, initiator van bijzondere artistieke internationale proyecten, die grensoverschrijdend zijn. Door haar tomeloze inzet werkt ze samen met verschillenden culturen en bouwt ze bruggen over de hele wereld. Haar proyecten kenmerken zich door duurzaamheid, kleurigheid, en beginnen met de mens. Zij weet als geen ander op een horizontale manier verbindingen te leggen met mensen. Ik heb voor haar gestemd omdat ik haar als werk als inspiratievol ervaar en ben dan ook zeer dankbaar dat ik met haar heb kunnen werken. Dayna (danser/ docent/ choreograaf)

    Berith Danse (Theatre Embassy Amsterdam) is a unique artistic leader, organizer, producer, initiator of special artistic international projects, which operate across borders. Through her tireless efforts she works with different cultures and builds bridges all over the world. Her projects are characterized by durability, versatility, and start with the human being. She knows how to work in a horizontal way to make connections with people. I voted for her because I like her inspring work and I am very grateful that I was able to work with her. Dayna (dancer, teacher, choreographer)

  64. Rudi Teng says:

    Berith Danse… merupakan salah satu pegiat teater yang merespon kemanusian, lingkungan dan pembinanaan bagi kelompok teater yang membutuhkan pembelajaran…..
    kami dari Teater Qi yang berada di kota kecil Indonesia sangat berterima kasih pada Berith dengan theater Embassy… yang peduli pada kelompok kami, sehingga kami bisa menjadi lebih baik, yang pada saat itu juga (2008) kami mengusung lakon “Titik Koma” yang mengambil cerita dengan latar belakang HIV/AIDS.
    Berith layak mendapat penghargaan karena kreatifitas dan kepedulian pada manusia dan seni teater.
    Rudi Teng teater Qi indonesia

  65. Aida vergara says:

    Voto por Nube Sandoval y Bernando Rey. Un trabajo impecable, comprometido y perseverante de toda su vida, exito

  66. Atiya Shah says:

    Gender inequality in society leads to unfair restrictions and limits human potential. Keeping this theme in mind, Give Me A Breath, a Thespianz Theatre production, was staged in the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut on the evening in 2011. It was really a pleasure to witnessed a dazzling performance by Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood. It was admiring experience to seeing a Theater which was dedicatedly highlighted the message of Gender Inequality.

  67. SUSAMA BHUNRHE says:


  68. nasir says:

    Thespianz Theater really deserve this Award!

  69. rudi iteng says:

    Berith Danse… merupakan salah satu pegiat teater yang merespon kemanusian, lingkungan dan pembinanaan bagi kelompok teater yang membutuhkan pembelajaran…..
    kami dari Teater Qi yang berada di kota kecil Indonesia sangat berterima kasih pada Berith dengan theater Embassy… yang peduli pada kelompok kami, sehingga kami bisa menjadi lebih baik, yang pada saat itu juga (2008) kami mengusung lakon “Titik Koma” yang mengambil cerita dengan latar belakang HIV/AIDS.
    Berith layak mendapat penghargaan karena kreatifitas dan kepedulian pada manusia dan seni teater.

  70. Eppe Slijderink says:

    Berith Danse (theatre embassy) is a very special theatremaker that has proved throughout her career to be able to combine culture, art, and local issues in a way that everyone can relate to it. She creates both strong , gentle and impressive images that go beyond culture and become a global language. Therefore she definitely deserves this award!

  71. Jaime Otoya says:

    Apoyo la Nube de Cultura y el Rey del Teatro!

    • rudi iteng says:

      Berith Danse… merupakan salah satu pegiat teater yang merespon kemanusian, lingkungan dan pembinanaan bagi kelompok teater yang membutuhkan pembelajarn…..
      kami dari Teater Qi sangat berterima kasih pada Berith dengan theater Embassy… yang peduli pada kelompok kami, sehingga kami bisa menjadi lebih baik, yang pada saat itu juga (2008) kami mengusung lakon “Titik Koma” yang mengambil cerita dengan latar belakang HIV/AIDS.
      Berith layak mendapat penghargaan karena kreatifitas dan kepedulian pada manusia dan seni teater.

    • Carlos Vallejo says:

      Me gusta mucho la obra de Sandoval y Rey, que se manifiesta como la voz que necesitan elevar los oprimidos para que el mundo conozca y reaccione ante las dificultades que atraviesan los diferentes grupos humanos que sufren las consecuencias culturales y económicas del desarrollo.

  72. Anum Jahanig says:

    Pakistani theatre, along with other forms of art, saw a rough patch in the last few years But after forming a refined Theater organization like Thespianz Theater, Pakistan’s performing arts is being to the peak. Long live Thespianz and Faisal Malik & Nouman Mehmood.
    You are such amazing artist as well as human being! My Vote For You!!

    Long Live Pakistan!

  73. Luciano Natali says:

    Danza di contenuti, Scene fantastiche e suggestive delle opere di Nube Sandoval e Bernardo Rey mettono lo spettatore nel dramma, dal quale, comunque, si esce con allegria.


  75. helena says:

    Nube and Bernardo Rey work with communities is relevant and outstanding!!!
    This is the kind of work that justify this support.
    It is significant that their votation was constant and continuously since the first day

  76. carlos rojas says:

    Es un trabajo muy valioso desde el punto de vista artístico y el compromiso social.

  77. MONI OVADIA says:

    La verità del teatro-
    Moni Ovadia

    “I primi due versi del sonetto di Gigi Proietti «Teatro» recitano così: «viva er teatro dove tutto è finto/ ma gnente c’è de farzo e questo è vero». Viva il teatro dove tutto è finto/ ma non c’è niente di falso e questo è vero. Raramente mi è capitato di incontrare una sintesi più felice del significato del teatro come quella che il magnifico Proietti ha saputo esprimere in questi versi. Il teatro è luogo di verità perché è vero nella finzione e permette anche alla più dolorosa o atroce delle verità di farsi strada nelle menti e nei cuori degli uomini senza che lo sguardo della medusa li pietrifichi.

    Mercoledì mattina scorso ho capito fino a che punto la verità espressa dal teatro sia necessaria assistendo alla perturbante performance di un gruppo di attori non professionisti di diversi paesi africani, tutti rifugiati in Italia per motivi politici dopo avere subito la terrificante esperienza della tortura. Guidati in un laboratorio dai registi e didatti colombiani Nube Sandoval e Bernardo Rey sotto l’egida del Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati nel quadro del progetto Vito (vittime della Tortura) hanno dato vita ad un evento che coniuga il teatro civile e quello rituale ripercorrendo le loro esperienze e consentendo a me che partecipavo con un nodo alla gola a quella rappresentazione di sentire l’umanità più intensa come emerge nella realtà più estrema della violenza e del dolore. Il teatro può anche questo perché è sacrario laico della intima e lancinante intimità umana. Non stupisce dunque che in Italia fra le voci più coraggiose e anticonformiste della nostra coscienza civile ci siano teatranti e uomini di spettacolo.“…

  78. SILVIA CASAS says:

    El Teatro que hacen Nube Sandoval y Bernardo Rey, salió del escenario convencional y se extendió por el territorio, la geografía, los corazones y espíritus de personas con heridas profundas y memorias partidas que deja, como tinta indeleble en el alma, el horror de la guerra.
    Víctimas de tortura, desplazamiento forzado, desapariciones, destrucción, han transformado sus historias de vida en imágenes, danzas, cantos, esculturas que encuentran en su propuesta artística un espacio para re-crear, re-nombrar y re-fundar nuevas miradas en las que emerge la esperanza, la posibilidad, la búsqueda, el encuentro.
    Sin duda alguna, estamos frente a una encomiable y titánica labor; un viaje continuo que ha trascendido fronteras y que se afina y enriquece con puestas en escena llenas de belleza en las que confluyen lenguajes, músicas, diálogos entre uno y otro lugar, entre las narraciones de unas y otros, entre las vidas que se cruzan y abrazan, No creo que sea terapéutico; es mucho más que eso: su trabajo ha permitido transformaciones profundas, dramáticamente bellas, liberadoras, como solamente es posible para todos: a través del arte…..Se merecen ganar…….

  79. I vote for Sanjoy Ganguly of Jana sanskriti , who engaged thousand of rural youth through theatre of the oppressed and play a role in their transformation. He developed hundreds of theatre groups all over India specially in rural Bengal. Great work.

  80. aman says:

    Thespianz Theater is the best!

  81. JAIME ROJAS says:

    Nube Sandoval y Bernardo Rey: Trabajo impecable sobre las estéticas de los tiempos modernos. La condición de un teatro comprometido con las minorías étnicas y la visibilización de la ancestralidad en la escena! 10 puntos!

  82. Jorge Mario Henao says:

    NUBE SANDOVAL Y BERNARDO REY hacen un trabajo pertinente y necesario para nuestro contexto Colombiano; un trabajo profesional y responsable; estéticamente rico. Arte con responsabilidad social y colectiva, que promueva el fortalecimiento de lazos comunitarios y el rescate de la memoria histórica y colectiva, eso es lo que este proyecto representa y por lo que merece todo el apoyo posible.

  83. Berith is an inspiration to many devoted theaterworkers all over the world. She encourages us make our dreams real. Theatre Embassy supports with practical solutions, artistic and critical help and strong social ideas. She creates bridges between cultures, art disciplines and countries. I worked in collaboration with Theatre Embassy in North East India a state with a lot of conflicts and political problems. We made a performance about peace with young actors from different tribes. ‘Bijuli’ had a high artistic quality and a strong emotional message. After 7 years peoples still talk about it. A new theatre style, opening in communication with military’s, education for the young actors…….the outcome of this Theatre Embassy project is magnificent.

  84. Para Colombia es fundamental la nominación del proyecto de Bernardo Rey, que involucra de manera directa personas afectadas por el conflicto armado, con una propuesta innovadora y sanadora. Felicitaciones a Bernardo

  85. Clearence Kimberly says:

    Faisal Malik Nouman Mehmood have spent long long campaigns in Interior Sindh n Punjab. Most populated provinces of Pakistan where rate of literacy is low people need a strong medium to learn n understand n apply into their lives Thespianz made this possible they worked in 55 degree Celsius very heated temperature n took high success rate in Pakistan – our group of artists are with Thespianz Theater

  86. Guillermo Hanabergh says:

    Wonderful, simply wonderful

  87. jet vos says:

    The fascinating story of a Theatre & Education student who, during an internship, fell in love with the people of Nicaragua and who after graduation, turned out to be a source of inspiration for many generations of students that benefit of her network and her never ending commitment to make theatre with communities in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

    Thank you Berith, for sharing your joy, expertise and energy with all those young people

    Jet Vos,
    staff Theatre & Education
    international coordinator

    HKU University of the Arts Utrecht
    The Netherlands

  88. Berith Danse during all this 15 years working with art and culture has played an important roll within the theatre’s development, giving cultural input to 44 local theatre groups in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

    She believes that art and culture should not be a luxury, and everyone should have the right to get access to them. That is why within her projects, the public is also considered and benefited, having free access to the final performance that are presented in remote places, where most of the time the people has never seen theatre before.

    Using the theatre as a tool, she talks about local issues, that are of importance for the community, such as human and women rights, violence, cultural and intangible heritage, basic needs, economy, history, among others.
    She is always working together with the local team since the beginning till the end, using the collective creation as working methodology. She involves in the process not only local artists, but also invited artists from other countries, with the objective to exchange knowledge between them, and learn from each other in the process.

    I have worked with Berith, and I have seen how hard and difficult is for her to keep making art, but her persistence keep her moving and fighting to continue supporting the art and culture sector in different countries, that is why I think Berith Danse is a perfect winner for this and many other awards.

    Keep going Berith, keep going Theatre Embassy

    Andrea Montenegro – Documentary maker (Peru)

  89. Luc says:

    Berith and the Theater company are warm hearted talented people and they make the world a warmer place. I hope they win and wish them all the best. Spread the love 🙂

  90. Drugs, Aids and alcohol are challenges for our young generation and we need to educate them on these issues, Thespianz Theater is one of organization who actively working on such issues and spreading awareness among youth thorough Theater Plays and other performing arts.
    we are supporting Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood, they really deserve for this honor!

  91. imran says:

    ThespianzTheater Good Luck!

  92. Rosario Ruiz says:

    Conozco el trabajo artístico de Bernardo Rey desde hace más de 30 años. Siempre implicado en la búsqueda de nuevos lenguajes, de formas de entender la esencia del ser humano, las manifestaciones culturales de la sociedad. Nunca ha renunciado a dar lo mejor de su talento en aras de dar visibilidad a los conflictos que nos hacen reflexionar sobre el por qué de nuestra existencia. Este trabajo es una muestra de todo ello y merece un apoyo de calidad para que pueda proseguir su camino.

  93. Digna Hiel says:

    I voted for Theatre Embassy because theater making is in the soul of Berith Danse, Embassy’s theatrical director. And because theater is the most effective way to communicate, especially difficult subjects like equal rights or religious extremes. Berith is dedicated to her work in countries where public education is not always effective.

  94. Como Latoniamericana y específicamente como ciudadana COLOMBIANA y del MUNDO; es un honor saber que trabajos tan importantes como los de NUBE SANDOVAL Y BERNARDO REY, nos hacen enorgullecer por su camino profesional y por representarnos también como un continente!
    Mas allá del teatro, y del concurso, sabiendo que el arte es “la expresión de los pueblo”, y mas cuando estos pueblos son los invisibles, como los INMIGRANTES; LOS DESPLAZADOS, LAS MINORÍAS DE ETNIAS COMO LOS NEGROS Y LOS INDÍGENAS , me enaltece conocer este tipo de proyectos y de reconocimientos mundiales, donde los social supera el interés del prestigio, del poder…. y por ello es muy importante que estas voces sea escuchadas, que los pueblos tengan espacios donde sean reconocidos en otra realidad para una sociedad, un planeta que poco respeta los derechos humanos… los valores y en estos espacios como personas transformadoras, el voto va mas allá de una democracia de doble moral.

  95. Tuve la grandiosa oportunidad de hacer el seguimiento a este proyecto y asistir a la obra de teatro en los espacios públicos de la provincia de Imbabura; presenciar la grandiosa obra “NACER”, bajo la dirección de Berith Danse de Theatre Embassy, Humor y Vida y nuestra intervención, el desarrollo de la función no imitando a los indígenas, sino interpretando su accionar como parteras y curanderos, dando la importancia de la medicina natural, la música creada especialmente para esta obra, la vestimenta y sobre todo la creación y creatividad en el títere que lo manejan dentro de la obra como la personaje principal.
    Se podría extender en el comentario de la obra pero es necesario decir a Berith Dance, Directora de la obra “Nacer”, le mando mi más profundo reconocimiento por esta loable labor que hizo con las y los indígenas de nuestra provincia y también le doy las gracias por todas las facilidades que nos brindó para compartir esta maravillosa experiencia; por demostrarme que el amor puede más que la razón y por devolverles la confianza en nuestro pueblo Qichwua, quienes dieron la información sin presiones, existen personas capaces de hacer su trabajo con tanta calidad humana y ellas son ustedes quienes se conformaron con un mismo ideal, el bien de la población.

    Exitos Berith

  96. Catalina Morán says:

    Tuve la grandiosa oportunidad de hacer el seguimiento a este proyecto y asistir a la obra de teatro en los espacios públicos de la provincia de Imbabura; presenciar la grandiosa obra “NACER”, bajo la dirección de Berith Danse de Theatre Embassy, Humor y Vida y nuestra intervención, el desarrollo de la función no imitando a los indígenas, sino interpretando su accionar como parteras y curanderos, dando la importancia de la medicina natural, la música creada especialmente para esta obra, la vestimenta y sobre todo la creación y creatividad en el títere que lo manejan dentro de la obra como la personaje principal.
    Se podría extender en el comentario de la obra pero es necesario decir a Berith Dance, Directora de la obra “Nacer”, le mando mi más profundo reconocimiento por esta loable labor que hizo con las y los indígenas de nuestra provincia y también le doy las gracias por todas las facilidades que nos brindó para compartir esta maravillosa experiencia; por demostrarme que el amor puede más que la razón y por devolverles la confianza en nuestro pueblo Qichwua, quienes dieron la información sin presiones, existen personas capaces de hacer su trabajo con tanta calidad humana y ellas son ustedes quienes se conformaron con un mismo ideal, el bien de la población.

  97. Berith Danse is a Free Spirit whose intensely fresh curiosity opens her up to the “Human Condition” worldwide. In search of reciprocal empathy she has found that ‘words’, concepts, ideologies and strategic actions will fall flat in an attempt at egalitarian encounter. Her answer has been “Theatre”, “Performance” – the most complete and fully fledged form of communication.
    As Associate Professor of Theatre Studies at Amsterdam University, I have witnessed her work from close-by. Three generations of students at the Erasmus-Mundus Master of International Performance Studies, were offered unique opportunities to get acquainted with Berith’s “hands-on” methodology. She demonstrated convincingly and successfully HOW TO design, work, share and co-direct Cultural Performances from the scrap, moving from the work-floor of culture into realms of international recognition of endangered Heritages, marginalised Minorities or suppressed cultural problems.
    Internships at “Theatre Embassy” changed these international students’ perspective from academic Theory to committed Praxis.
    My vote for Berith Danse is in support of her vision, energy, talent and indomitable love for mankind.

  98. Berth Danse, Uka kullakaxa wali suma yanaptasiriwa wawanakaru waynanakaru ukamaraki Aymar Ayllunakaruxa chijllasiñapunirakispawa upa kullaka Ellenstewartawardukataki.

    Es una directora de mucha trayectoria artística en todo los rincones de esta planeta Tierra.

    Gracias a esta organización los habitantes de las comunidades Aymaras en Bolivia Como: Copusquia, Surani, Parety, Chipuspuri, San Pablo, Quisani, Qerawaya Chipo.
    Las comunidades a través del quehacer teatro ya se sienten mejor y mejora la calidad de la vida de la gente y se sienten orgulloso de sus rituales y tradiciones.
    Al nombre de las comunidades Aymaras de Bolivia tu eres nuestra candidata tu entiendes de eso Sumajakaña (el vivir bien).

    La directora Berith Danse merece ese premio

  99. EGbert says:

    Working for Theatre Embassy in Indonesia has been a rich and inspiring experience. We managed to inspire and collaborate with many Indonesian theatre artists and let their traditions meet with modern conceptions of using theatre within development work. The workshops Berith gave here opened up people’s eyes and gave them new ideas on how to address social issues through their work. For all Berith and Theatre Embassy have done they truly deserve this award.

  100. Jawad says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly is unique in South Asia. He is committed, determined and dedicated.

  101. Jawad says:

    I know Sanjoy Ganguly’s works and am sure how great they are. He is a real change-maker by his professionalism in the Theatre of the Oppressed.

  102. helena says:

    The Colombian NUBE and BERNARDO REY work with communities is outstandig and relevant !!!!
    This is the kind of artistic process that must be supported,
    It is also significative the fact that their votation was constant, since the first day, contiuously every day 100 votes more or less.

    • Heddy says:

      I worked with Theatre Embassy and Berith several times. I admire Beriths endurance and she has no reservations to think big, She showed this with Theatre Embassy and the many projects they did. She also knows why and stay focussed on that. Art in difficult circumstances is very important for people. She gives artist a place where they can exchange, to develop their creativity, making something beautiful for their public, caressing eyes and ears to communicate. Art is nessecary to feed the spirit, it encourages your development.

  103. Tshering Gyeltshen says:

    Based on the work done by Berith Danse and Theatre Embassy and the tremendous impact it has had on communities in many parts of the developing world, I sincerely hope Berith Danse is given this award. Berith Danse and the many professionals she sent to Bhutan through Theatre Embassy trained hundreds of young Bhutanese theatre artists and carried out special, development-oriented productions, some of them being the first such productions ever staged in Bhutan. The artists trained by Berith Danse and Theatre Embassy, including myself, are doing exceptionally well in the local theatre movement and also the film and performing arts industry. Through exchange visits I have also seen first hand the work done by Berith Danse with theatre groups in rural India. They are truly of a rare and life-changing order. This award should rightfully go to Berith Danse and Theatre Embassy.

    • Tshering Gyeltshen says:

      Through the help of Berith Danse and Theatre Embassy I managed to establish the first professionally managed theatre group in Bhutan. I am presently the Artistic Director of The New Theatre Group (TNTG). I have been specially trained and mentored by Berith and three very distinguished Dutch theatre Artists and Directors.

      • Tshering Gyeltshen says:

        The three distingusihed Dutch theatre Artists and Directors were fielded to Bhutan by Theatre Embassy. One of them in fact trained and worked with Bhutanese artists for over three months and created a path-breaking production called Galem gi Lu (Song of Galem) which was the first professional theatre production ever staged in Bhutan.

  104. Prof. Jayanta Saha Roy says:

    Sanjay Ganguly has a great achievement in community movement with his play therapy that is played by the community people. I think he is the face of the people of the rural Indian who are deprived of the light of social awareness and education. I pray for his winning over the vote with the highest ranking.

  105. Moh Salim says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly is one of the social contributor person in the field of Theatre of the Oppressed in the Region
    I believe, he is the right candidate for this award. He has a strong and powerful commitment to the use of (TO) for social change.
    The work that Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti are doing is truly meaningful and useful.

  106. I strongly encourage you to award the Ellen Stewart Award to Berith Danse and the Theatre Embassy for the exceptional encompassing contributions they have made to Sudanese Theater scene. The immense contributions Danse made across the Sudanese communities, that she and her team alienated new techniques of location theater to theater makers in Sudan.
    So, I hereby, strongly recommend her for the price.
    Associate Professor Shams Eldin Younis,
    University Professor of Theater Studies,
    Sudan University for Science and Technology
    College of Music and Drama

  107. sunanda haldar says:

    janasangkriti is my state ngo for every man and wmen

  108. Dr.Sanjoy Ganguly is honest, confident and a great humanist who dislikes any publicity, rather he wants to live among those who are constantly struggling for existence. Jana Sanskriti is an active platform for the rural man .

  109. Dr.Sanjoy Ganguly is honest, confident and a great humanist who dislikes any publicity, rather he wants to live among those who are constantly struggling for existence. Jana Sanskriti is an active platform for the rural man.

  110. Thera Jonker says:

    Berith Danse is alumna of Utrecht University of the Arts/Department for Theatre and Education. Looking back in time I can say that Berith has been one of our great pioneers, working abroad with applied theatre, enjoying and enriching theatre as a vehicle for transformation, education and creativity. I am proud to have been Berith’s professor during her graduation period.

    Nowadays all HKU Theatre & Education students do a world internship of 3 months. Doing so, they benefit a lot of Berith’s pioneering work, methods, and global network. We are thankful for that.

    If I would be able to give a 100 votes, I would do so!

    Thera Jonker, Managing Director Expertise Centre of Education, Utrecht University of the Arts.

  111. Els van Poppel says:

    Berith Danse with her Theatre Embassy is the best to achieve the award!!!
    She is capable to work with all kind of people, young people from the poor neighbourhoods, in remote places, in difficult circumstances all over the world!
    Her work is always based on social subjects that live in the community.
    Her way of working is to bring together profesionals and amateurs from different artdisciplines and make a presentation, a performance in which all chosen disciplines take part, mostly on location.
    I know her from her work in our theatre project in Nicaragua (I am a director as well). She formed a theatre group with four women around their critical situation of being a woman. It was all very difficult in weird circumstances but she did it!!! Impresionante!!! Also the work that she made in Honduras was impresive. In Holland I saw the slavery of Dutch history production, on location which made it sensible and interesting.
    Her work is artistic and intelligent, making theatre based on her involvement with the underdog, trying to give the problems an other vision, trying to change the world!!!
    She really deserves the award, working in the footsteps of Ellen Stewart!

    • Sydur Rahman Lipon says:

      It’s my great pleaser and I am extremely delighted that I vote for Sanjoy Ganguly, Jana sanskriti for his 30 years long holy dedication to the theatre of the marginal, oppressed and unprivileged people, organization and society. IT is extraordinary and of course amazing quality that he succeeded to brings thousands of people together under one umbrella –Jana Sanscrity to show the light of confidence, to stand on their own foot to negotiate their exploitative and contra-positional circumstances. I wish him very success.

      Sydur Rahman Lipon

      Adjunct Faculty
      Theatre and Performance Studies
      Dhaka University
      Dhaka Bangladesh.

    • mona says:

      I voted for Masrah Ensemble, because I have seen their beautiful work. Their commitment goes beyond political engagement. They are humanly connected to the world bridging a patchwork of identities who rarely meet….Isn’t the world’s biggest problems nowadays strengthening the borders between different identities?
      That’s why I love their work….It’s humanity they are looking after rather than using emerging causes for the purpose of creating a theater product.

  112. Zakiullah says:

    Proud of Pakistan Faisal and Nouman!!!
    you are amazing artists from Pakistan, our love and vote support are with you..

  113. I voted for Theatre Embassy because I believe they have done a great work over the years, in difficult contexts in Africa, Asia and Latin America, always with this notion that art is important for development.

  114. Arun says:

    Dr. Sanjoy Ganguly
    I’m pleased to see your inspiring work in India and through out the world.
    I hope to see a better India in days to come.
    God Bless.

  115. jamina debbarma says:

    Keep continuing your good work. India will have a bright future.
    God bless you sir.
    Jamnina Debbarma
    NSD Tripura

  116. Darabari says:

    I have voted sir Sanjoy Ganguly. You are one of the social contributed person in the field of oppressed theatre in India. You can change the dirty society by thinking in right way……..your process of working style is so systematically confined….thanks sir

  117. Berith Danse and the Theatre Embassy deserve the Ellen Stewart Award for the immense contributions made across the international community (in Europe, South America, North America, and Africa) in their use of Theatre, Mime, and Puppetry as viable tools and media to educate, uplift, entertain, and advocate for underprivileged women and youth, especially, across the globe.

    I strongly urge you to award this prize to her and the Theatre Embassy for the exceptional encompassing contributions they have made so far.

    Professor Tess Onwueme
    University Professor of Global Letters
    University of Wisconsin

  118. Bert Barten says:

    Hello there It is a privilege that Berith Danse from the Dutch Theatre Company: The Theatre Embassy has been nominated for this special international theatre award. She really deserves this award

    We have been working together for years and I can only say that the integrity that Berith carries around is hard to find in the world of today. That is why I vote for Berith. She has managed to create theatre in many many countries like Peru, Brazil, Indonesia and Senegal for example. Where both the participants and the audience were impressed by the performances as the message for a better world.

    I really want her to win this price because I cannot think of anyone in the world that does this work better than she does. I hope that you will help her by voting for the Theater Embassy.

    With warm winter greetings and kind regards from Amsterdam

    Bert Barten

  119. Asharf shujat says:

    my vote for Thespianz Theater they are awesome.

  120. iqg says:

    I voted for Berith Danse from Theatre Embassy cause she has been bringing hope trough culture-theatre to very small places in diferent part of the world..making together everyday peoples life better cause they wake up to crativitity poeple involved in the play and public…thinking, feeling..participating..been together..comunicating.

    • Isadora says:

      Berith Danse es una de las Directoras de teatro mas visionarias que he conocido. Tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con ella aqui en Tegucigalpa hace algunos años cuando a traves de Theater Embassy, dirigió la creación de una pieza sobre la problematica de violencia social y de maras en Centroamerica, con artistas hondureños y holandeses. Fue una experiencia sumamente enriquecedora a nivel artistico y humano. Se que Berith ha recorrido el mundo reuniendo a los mejores artistas de diferentes culturas en proyecto de creación colaborativos en entornos naturales increibles llegando a comunidades remotas. su necesidad de integrar al contexto y a las comunidades en los procesos de creacion hacen que sus producciones resulten en verdaderos ejercicios de dialogo intercultural, donde se expresa la esencia de las comunidades y su gente , en producciones de una alta calidad tecnica y con un enfoque único del teatro contemporáneo. Pienso que su trabajo de promocion del Teatro es sumamente valioso para la cultura de paz , el diálogo y el entendimiento de los pueblos del mundo.

  121. Sukra Rabha says:

    Dear Madam Berith,

    Congratulations. I am fine. I have done my vote to you and also forwarded your message to other. I am sorry delay to reply.. At my place internet is not available.We hope you will win.

    Sukracharjya Rabha

  122. AMIN says:

    My Vote For Thespianz Theater

  123. Deepak bhatacharia says:

    Thespianz Theater worked social theaters in most of Rural parts n urban parts in Pakistan

    I have witnessed many performances of Thespianz in Punjab

    Vote for Thespianz

  124. MATHON says:

    I will not vote, as I did not see your work really …

    But that doesn’t mean that I am, we are not interested in your work. The funny thing is that we work in the french alpes, where there is no internet.

    So let’s follow each others work in real or not and keep conatct !
    Kind regards from Paris, France

  125. We have closely cooperated with Berith Danse and Theatre Embassy and are impressed with the innovative and inclusive approach towards theatre and development that Berith promotes and brings to practice with relentless energy and efforts. Their project in Bolivia had enormous impact in both cultural and economic aspects and is a wonderful example how indigenous people can achieve progress built on their traditional values and knowledge ! We now support their project in Ecuador and are confident that it will be equally successful. Fingers crossed that their performance may come to Europe…

  126. Sudeshna Basu says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly’s work is seen in the form of empowerment of the marginalized – the rural theatre artistes who have confidence and social awareness in them – their teacher is theatre. The form of interactive theatre where spectators become actors hence the term spectactors. Seeing is believing. When one sees these women from villages getting up to act in front of a crowd. They act out their beliefs and convictions to protest against the ills of their life. It is not easy for a rural almost unlettered woman in a country to act in front of the people and face questions posed by the patriarchal society. His work is relevant and has changed lives of thousands.

  127. Berith is a high profile lady on Theatre designing and using theatre for empowering women and marginalized communities. She is an innovator, a creative director and a passionate leader amongst local and regional movements of women and marginalized communities against to improve their own life. I admire her bottom up approach of placing communities and citizens in the power position. Transfer them form victim to actor with all respect for the local solutions. She really deserve this award. She inspires lost of communities in Latin America and Asia. She was involved in several E-motive exchanges between the Netherlands and Bolivia. Carin

  128. Anna Rottier says:

    Dear all,

    It’s great that Berith Danse from the Dutch Theatre Company: The Theatre Embassy has been nominated for this special international theatre award. She really deserves this award.
    When I first heard about her efforts and initiatives on producing theatre all over the world in very difficult and poor circumstances I was really full of admiration for her.
    Untill now she has managed to create theatre in many many countries like Peru, Brazil, Indonesia and Senegal for example.
    I had the honour to participate on one of these projects the Theatre Embassy produced. In 2007/2008/2009 I worked as a theatre director in Senegal. And it is the most special work experience I ever had, meeting these artists from a very different culture and finding eachother in a parallel theatrical and musical language.
    I’m very greatful for this experience and I know the Senegalese artists totally agree.
    Good luck Berith with your further theatre projects.
    And if you ever would like my help again I’ll be at your service!

  129. Ravi Shankar Rath says:

    My vote and support for Sanjay Ganguly. I think, he is the right candidate for award. He has a strong and powerful commitment to the use of Forum Theatre and associated practices and to deep engagement with client communities!! Great Talent..

  130. Wequar Azeem says:

    Viva Thespianz Theater ! Faisal and Nouman are unbeatable as peace activists and for bringing live theater to dirt poor folks in rural Pakistan. They are an epitome of dedication and focus on bringing sustainable peace in the world. I would cast millions of votes in their favor if I could. I can’t help commenting that while Faisal & Nouman are bending backwards to promote peace and egalitarianism, some clandestine commentators from India are trying to sabotage their noble image by making disparaging remarks about the performance of Thespianz Theater in their comments column ; a real shame indeed.

  131. NAROTTAM GHOSH says:

    I like your teaching process ! ( Bahari hat , Barpeta district , Assam )

  132. Debabrata Mondal says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly, Jana Sanskriti

  133. Debabrata Mondal says:

    My vote Gose to Sanjoy Ganguly, Jana Sanskriti

  134. maheswar naiya says:

    theater of the oppressed is the best for people.

  135. Doris Mamani says:

    Berith Dance es una mujer artista, que conoce y se ha involucrado con el sentimiento, la cultura, de los países donde ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar.
    A traído a Sud America, Centro América muchas ideas innovaciones en la creación teatral, también ha permitido el intercambio, el contacto directo de jóvenes artistas de África, América Europa lo que ha permitido desarrollar mas las capacidades artísticas y sociales de quienes hemos tenido la oportunidad y la suerte de trabajar con ella
    También contribuye a que el arte llegue a todas y todos y no sea privilegio solo de algunas poblaciones que cuentan con más dinero.
    Desde Sud América damos nuestro apoyo a BERITH DANCE favorita candidate for the Ellen Stewart Intertnacional Award

    • Dear All,

      It is with great delight that I vote for Berith Danse and the Theatre Embassy for the exceptional contributions towards educating, enlightening, uplifting and entertaining the community, and especially for their passionate projection and advocacy for the underprivileged poor women and youth with the masses through theatre performance across the globe (in europe, South America, North America, and Africa).

      I strongly urge you to award the Ellen Stewart International prize to Berith Danse and the Theatre Embassy in Amsterdam.

      Professor Tess Onwueme
      University Professor of Global Letters & Dramatist
      University of Wisconsin

  136. Suzana says:

    I am voting for Sanjoy Ganguly as his work touch the most poor people, but also, his work is influencing social activists all over the world.
    Unfortunately, informational gap and inequalities it bring with is huge and visible in every area of our life, and so in this voting system. Mr Sanjoy Ganguly (perhaps others candidates also) work is known in rural, poor, “non digital” population. So they can not vote. This make organizations and individuals who are working with most underprivileged population – less visible also. This is a case with many organization and individuals world wide. This is a period of transition to digital era.
    So, in this comment I am giving a 1000 votes for Mr Sanjoy Ganguly 🙂
    Best regards,
    Suzana Kaplanovic

  137. Vijai kumar singh says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly , Jansankriti from India has not only contributed social change through the theatre methodology of Augusto Boal but also made their own practice in Indian context. his work in india is remarkable and a source of inspiration for students and practitioners across the world. I wish , he must continue his tremendous work in across the world.

  138. Syed Aun Raza Naqvi says:

    Being an Educationist and serving many senior positions i have found thespianz theater very active in promoting peace not only for the citizens of Pakistan but globally. Their social interactions within and outside the community is admirable specially their plays which not only captures the audience mind in promoting peace but provide an endorsement towards all ,globally. I vote for the same and request all to support them for their ambitious goal.

    Syed Aun Raza Naqvi

  139. Frank laymen says:

    As an officer of foreign mission in Pakistan I personally observed that Thespianz has served more then 200,000 people in under developed parts of Pakistan – they have written a history in last few years work in Social Theatre n spread peace n love messages in nation.

    They are right theatres for award

    • Milyan says:

      Berith Dance excelente labor en honduras

      • Doris Mamani says:

        Berith Dance es una mujer artista, que conoce y se ha involucrado con el sentimiento, la cultura, de los países donde ha tenido la oportunidad de trabajar.
        A traído a Sud America, Centro América muchas ideas innovaciones en la creación teatral, también ha permitido el intercambio, el contacto directo de jóvenes artistas de África, América Europa lo que ha permitido desarrollar mas las capacidades artísticas y sociales de quienes hemos tenido la oportunidad y la suerte de trabajar con ella
        También contribuye a que el arte llegue a todas y todos y no sea privilegio solo de algunas poblaciones que cuentan con más dinero.
        Desde Sud América damos nuestro apoyo a BERITH DANCE favorita candidate for the Ellen Stewart Intertnacional Award

  140. Shishir Kurup says:

    The work that Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti are doing in the villages of Kolkata and now expanding into other parts of India is truly meaningful and inspirational work. They make theatre that is interactive and has tangible effect on the lives of the people in the villages they work in by addressing issues of domestic abuse, alcohol & drug abuse, police abuse, human trafficking, land rights, water rights and are training whole villages to be able to process these maladies though the use of the theatrical techniques, namely Forum Theatre, introduced by Augusto Boal & Paulo Freire but modified and elevated to the needs of large groups of villagers who are involved in the process of their own self realization through Jana Sanskriti’s nuanced techniques. These methodologies inform, involve and inculcate as many as 400,000 people (the figure last noted in 2013) the sum effect of which makes it the largest theatre company in the world. But this work is tangibly transformational for the people most vulnerable who have little support in terms of education, resources and attention from their local and state governments and Sanjoy and Jana Sanskriti engage in this process with them to opens up the possibilities for their own self determination. And these folks in turn become the next generation of “Theatre Artist” training the following generation of villagers who use the theatrical methodologies to identify and delve deeper into the ever evolving strategies their own liberation. Please vote for this man and his invaluable company.

  141. Caridad Cardona says:

    Berith Danse
    Excelente labor realizada en Honduras, permitió que artistas emergentes pudieran darse a conocer fuera. También dar a conocer la realidad hondureña a través de un montaje multidiciplinario donde se muestra de forma creativa una realidda muy triste.
    He aprendido mucho de ella, de su visión de la vida, la amistad y como la cultura y el arte juega yn papel muy importante en la vida diaria del ser humano.

  142. Melinna Bobadilla says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti create the most transformative, groundbreaking and beautiful theater of the oppressed work I have ever witnessed. Their model is also impressive because they create lasting bonds in the communities they work with, planting seeds of critical thought and the spirit to continue anti-oppression work. I can think of no one more deserving for this award.

  143. Sanjoy Ganguly has unceasingly shone the light for many years touching tens of thousands of lives in India. His local Theatre of the Oppressed movement work is unrivaled in the world and inspired many others to use theatre to change society for the better. Jai Sanjoy!

  144. Arif Hossain says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly, who deserves all the awards in the world, for its tremendous work.

    • Ramaprasad Goswami says:

      Dr. Sanjay Ganguly and his organization Jana Sanaskriti are inspiring rural and arban artist deserve it

  145. M.Shujat says:

    Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood are inspiring artist they deserve it!

  146. adrian jackson says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly has made an amazing organisation Jana Sanskriti, which is truly an application of activism to theatre. He is a persistent and patient advocate of TO, he deserves lots of recognition and I am sure Ellen Stewart would have approved of what he has achieved and continues to do.

  147. I am a Dutch documentary filmmaker who has made 2 films with Berith Danse, her team, her way of working and her achievements. So I think I am entitled to say: THIS IS AN AMAZING WOMAN! I think that Lady Ellen Stewart would be very pleased with her winning the award because coming from a tiny place in a tiny country called Holland Berith has created universally big theatre plays. Not because of gigantic budgets, but because of the enormous impact most of her plays, projects and theatrical installation she made all over the world. From Sudan till Indonesia, from Ghaza till Peru, from Surinam till Bhutan. Literally 10.000 of thousands of people have seen her work and were moved by it.

    One may ask: If she has such a big crowd who has seen her work, why arent there many more voters in her camp?? The answer is very simple: because her audiences are most of the time so poor that the dont know what they will eat the next day, let a long to have a computer with internet on it! Berith Danse has taken theatre, art and culture from the elite and has put it back where it belongs: To everybody! theater is elitist , but not only belongs to the elite! That in it self is worth the Ellen Stewart International Award,

    • coney van manen says:

      very good reaction. I was invited by Berith to go to Bangladesh, to teach young social workers to work with the underprivileged in the south of the country -Khulna-; I think the project was very helpful for the organization Losauk….

    • Heinz Jäggi says:

      I agree Guilly,
      What she is doing deserves more attention! If you don’t know what to eat tomorrow you don’t own a smartphone or even a tablet to vote. Berit gave here folks a voice but they are not able to tell us how Berith changed their life by theater.

  148. Metoca says:

    I voted Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti because of their incredible work on theatre of the oppressed in rural communitys. They are truly commited to make this theatre the theatre of everyone who needs and seek a change for a society with more justice. They are a real inspiration for our projects in central america!

  149. Samrat Majumder says:

    Please vote for Sanjay Ganguly ! Because he’s a great writer in India !!And he is the father of forum theatre in Kolkata !! He is the most qualified candidate to my attention !! I wish his success !!

  150. Berith Danse and her organization Theatre Embassy is one of a kind!
    Connecting people, cultures, societies…guarding cultural heritage by transforming it into nowadays life by using theatre as a tool. People of all kinds, from different social layers have the human right to exist. Theatre gives EVERY man, woman and child a voice and visuality. Berith Danse understands this very well and provides an universal language, working in an equal collective way. Besides that, the art-factor is great…big images, metafores, and installations that go beyond visuality. The work of Berith Danse is always an EXPERIENCE that stays in the memory, provides understanding, comfort and hope and results in very concrete improvement of the local area: for example, social cohesion, infrastructure , participation of women in societies where women don’t have a full place.

  151. Dick Lageweg says:

    As a former secretary general of the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO I had many contacts with Berith Danse of THEATRE EMBASSY INTERNATIONAL.
    From that period I learned she has developed projects with theatre groups in many developing countries. THEATRE EMBASSY is specialized in collaborating with cultural organizations and theatre groups Africa, Asia and Latin America and developed an effective working method through 15 years of intercultural and interdisciplinary successful collaborations.
    Evaluation proved she had considerable impact on the communities and the artists THEATRE EMBASSY INTERNATIONAL worked with. Acting techniques, stage design, cooperation with local and indigenous people and creating awareness in the population on important and challenging issues like children rights, environment, health, water, violence and other forms of conflict.

    Much more can be said but I leave it to this, hoping to be able to explain more in the framework of the preparation of projects, possibly with other nominees of this award.
    Needless to say that the inclusion of THEATRE EMBASSY in these projects will contribute to SOUTH-SOUTH-NORTH cooperation.
    And from a financial point of view ….. it can open doors to other sponsors of these projects.

  152. Our work takes us from cinema release feature film to issue-based projects with abuse survivors, those in addiction recovery and many other areas. In over thirty years I have been lucky to have worked with many professionals of outstanding quality.

    Anna Newell remains one of those who stands out in her creativity, inventiveness, compassion and dedication. The work she has done [for and] with very early years and other audiences is of unquestionable quality and immeasurable benefit.

  153. Rajani Ramachandran says:

    I vote for Sanjay Ganguly for I think he has in the true sense handed over the production of the theater to the masses. This, in a rural community in India, would have required a monumental amount of hard work, patience and leadership.

  154. israr says:

    Thespianz Theater Best Of Luck

  155. Gautam Bose says:

    Sanjay Ganguli and his theatre group Jana Sanskriti has done commendable work in spreading real social change in the villages and towns of Bengal and very large parts of a diverse country like India. His work is very creative, thought provoking and intellectually stimulating. Another major contribution of his theatre is spreading the inspiration to a large number of people across India to form local theatre groups to catalyse social change contextual to the culture and situations. Sanjay Ganguli is a visionary and a revolutionary.
    I vote for him.
    Gautam Bose (film maker)

  156. Inma says:

    I voted Sanjoy Ganguly, Artistic Director, from Jana Sanskriti. I’ve been with him at the 6th edition of Muktadhara – The Bi-annual Forum Theatre festival hosted since 2004. I had an amazing experience, and it’s incredible the great work around Theater of the Opressed did it from Sanjoy and the team of Jana Sanskriti.

    The difficulty in getting more people from their villages to vote is that very few have smart phones and the villages have 1 or 2 cyber cafe’s. Only a single vote can be cast from a single connection. Most places don’t even have electricity. So, vote for them too.

  157. I’m voting for Masrah Ensemble

  158. Nicole Mathot says:

    As a development worker I had the chance to attent to three different extraordinary spectacles of Berith Danse/Theatre Embassy. ‘Tierra Espiritual’, performed in an isolated village high in the Bolivian mountains, was a truly ‘spiritual’ and unforgettable experience for me. Berith has the rare capacity to combine high level artistic theatre with social change. Her work is always the outcome of co-creation and mutual learning with local artists and she does not hesitate to put difficult themes and tabous as gender based violence, child withccraft and unfair trade relations on the agenda. Berith more than deserves this prestigious award as a tribute to her longstanding commitment and long years of dedication to theatre in often difficult economic circumstances!

    Nicole Mathot

  159. Douglas says:

    Berith Danse, es una mujer que ha hecho mucho por el teatro en Latinoamérica, es un gran ejemplo a seguir y una de las mujeres más inteligentes que he conocido, se merece ese premio y muchos mas.

  160. Alisha Brohi says:

    Nouman Mehmood is a Spontaneous Theater artist from thespians theatre. I have been watched his remarkable theatre performance. good to see him in finalist.
    My vote for Pakistan

  161. Catalina Morán says:

    Berith Danse directora de la compañía Holandesa Theatre Embassy, felicitaciones por ser nominada para un premio . Aunque el mejor premio ya te lo llevaste en tu corazón, nuestro aprecio, cariño, admiración, por ese buen trabajo. Es para mi grato decir que todo tu esfuerzo, dedicación y amor que pusiste en la obra eres nuestra candata favorita.

  162. I would commend to you the courageous and dedicated work of Dr Sanjoy Ganguly of Jana Sanskriti Theatre Company. Sanjoy has committed his life to work on Theatre of the Oppressed, principally in the villages of West Bengal, but latterly through indefatigable (and always good-humoured, challenging) teaching around the world. Jana Sanskriti have long been the international standard bearers for this important work, and Sanjoy is their consummate Joker.

  163. Jowe Harfouche says:

    As a frequent collaborator with Masrah Ensemble, I am in constant awe of the impact the work produced has on both collaborators and audience alike. A prominent goal of Masrah’s work has been to reach out to new unlikely theater makers and to reconfigure and cultivate new audiences for that work inside and around refugee and migrant communities.
    Theater workshops, playwright residencies, festivals, translations and riveting theater productions have blossomed in recent years despite local hardships and the scarcity of resources available for theater-making in Arabic with disenfranchised minority groups.

    I would vote for any and all support that makes this organization’s work possible.

    • Irene Sutherland says:

      Sanjoy Ganguly of Jana Sanskriti- a humble, methodical visionary- has recently managed to accomplish the seemingly insurmountable task of building a theatre in India. I feel honored and privileged to have witnessed he and his Institue’s members’ dedication leading up to the Centre’s opening in November, 2015. They include the community at large in the powerful, inspiring scenarios that bring light to a wide variety of social issues, referring to them as ‘spectactors’. As a hula dancer of over 20 years, I truly appreciate and value the depth and commitment of this man, his dedicated wife, Sheema and the actors colaborating together. They are truly generous, Divinely guided souls.

  164. Debasis Bhattacharya says:

    Among the listed candidates I am fortunate to know someone who is young, energetic,compassionate, human & a man of pro-people ideas. Without much ado let me name him. He is SAnjay Ganguli. I’d sincerely love to see him awarded justifiably & fittingly.

    Debasis Bhattacharya.

  165. Manasi Ghosh Gangopadhyay says:

    Dr.Sanjoy Ganguly is undoubtedly a pure, dedicated soldier of Theatre of the Oppressed. He is honest, confident and a great humanist who dislikes any publicity, rather he wants to live among those who are constantly struggling for existence. Jana Sanskriti is an active platform for the rural man deserves recognition and respect in field of conciousness through theatre of the oppressed.

  166. Claudia Téllez says:

    Nube Sandoval and Bernardo

    • Ahmed Masoud says:

      I know a lot about the great work that Masrah Ensemble is doing – original artistic pieces in a place often associated with troubles only. I had the honour to be one of the readers on one of their playwrighting competitions and I was impressed by the quality and ability to give writers a voice that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

  167. Berith Danse directora de la compañía Holandesa Theatre Embassy, presenta todas la cualidades profesionales, artísticas y humanas requeridas para participar de concurso, considerando de manera puntual:

    • Su larga trayectoria como Directora Artística y promotora cultural de grupos juveniles con y sin experiencia artística a nivel mundial (áfrica, Sur América, India, Sudan, Gaza, entre otras) a los mismos que ha brindado capacitación, intercambio, y herramientas escénicas de vanguardia para el tratamiento de temáticas sociales.
    • Su capacidad de liderazgo y habilidades en la dirección escénica que permiten procesos participativos entre la población de jóvenes participantes.
    • El manejo de una propuesta metodológica novedosa y muy cercana a los nuevos lenguajes del teatro (visual, gestual, manejo de objetos y movimiento escénico) conjugando el teatro, las artes plásticas, la nueva media entre otros, los mismos que despiertan el interés de la población más joven que participan de sus procesos.
    • El interés que pone al conducir a sus participantes en la investigación de su propia memoria histórica, cultural, procurando que éstos se inquieten, encuentren respuestas o más preguntas a las temáticas que abordan los procesos creativos.
    • La gran habilidad para generar procesos creativos entre los participantes y procurar resultados espontáneos, prolijos y plurisignificativos.
    • Su sensibilidad con las poblaciones que menos tienen acceso a la cultura y su interés permanente de apoyar procesos artísticos sostenibles y que permitan la vigencia del quehacer teatral y cultural como un lengua universal que sensibiliza, educa, denuncia, divierte y mejora la calidad de vida de la gente y de las poblaciones en donde se implementa.

  168. Veronica McVeigh says:

    Anna Newell from Replay Theatre Company was one of the masterminds behind the Baby Day event with BCC in September. I would like to nominate Anna’s project for an Ellen Stewart International Award.

  169. Tahir Nawaz says:

    Faisal Malik deserves in my view.

  170. Toto Kisaku says:

    Le théâtre Embassy a contribué dans le développement du Théâtre à Kinshasa avec la compagnie K-Mu Théâtre.
    Aujourd’hui si K-Mu Théâtre est compté parmi les 5 groupe de Théâtre à Kinshasa/RDC, c’est à l’engagement du Théâtre Embassy.
    Avec la production du projet “BASAL’YA BAZOBA” un projet de sensibilisation sur la problématique des fausses accusation de la sorcellerie chez les enfants. Une question qui aujourd’hui est devenue en partie un tabou à Kinshasa. Tout ça parce que les spectacles ont été donnés plus de 100 fois, dans 52 grandes agglomérations des 24 communes de Kinshasa, pour plus de 150 000 spectateurs. Un projet qui a marqué non seulement ce phénomène “Enfants sorciers” à Kinshasa, mais aussi qui a révolutionné le théâtre dit “De sensibilisation”.

    Je demanderais aux gens de voter pour le Théâtre Embassy, car il a encore et détient plusieurs possibilités de changer les choses à travers le théâtre de développement et le théâtre participatif.
    Bonne chance à Berith Danse et bonne chance au Théâtre Embassy.

    Toto Kisaku
    K-Mu Théâtre

  171. I’m voting for Anna Newell – an arts professional who shows true creativity and leadership in Belfast.

  172. Cat Barter says:

    In my theatrical career, I have had the immense privilege to witness profound life changing moments for audience members (and their adults).

    Every single one of them has been while working under Anna’s direction at Replay Theatre Company.

  173. Victoria Armstrong says:

    I have voted for Anna Newell from Replay Theatre Company in Northern Ireland. I have worked with Anna on Replays remarkable production of BABBLE. She is one of the most passionate, inspiring and innovative directors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. There is no one more commited or dedicated to making a difference through the medium of theatre than Anna Newell. I have the utmost respect for her and her work and seeing the reactions of the babies and the parents when performing BABBLE I truly believe that she deserves this award.

    Victoria Armstrong
    Actress from Northern Ireland

  174. Carolina Echeverria says:

    Sanjoy deserves recognition, respect, admiration, support and means since he has developed theatre of the oppressed in a realistic, concrete, genuine way that generates true social change in India and in the world!

  175. Alain Lomama says:

    Voté pour Nube et Bernado, ils mérite vraiment le soutien mes deux génies

  176. ms wazir says:

    My vote to my pakistan

  177. Ralph Yarrow says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly has devoted 30 years to building up a uniquely effective, democratic, and impactful arts and development organisation, Jana Sanskriti. He has a strong and powerful commitment to the use of Forum Theatre and associated practices and to deep engagement with client communities. He gave up a comfortable middle class life for an unknown future living in rural poverty in order to serve and empower his people. He lives in a tiny house, usually with a number of his group who are passing through. He has had his life threatened for challenging corrupt officials and landowners, having to sleep at times surrounded by villagers for safety. Sanjoy Ganguly does not have a job, he has a vocation, and he lives his dream of transforming the lives of the poor, so that they can become active, engaged, self-respecting and sustainable communities. Jana Sanskriti has 30 linked theatre groups, nearly a third of which are women only.They promote a practice of development which identifies and understands it in terms of the empowerment of local agency to analyse and pursue strategic change.

  178. Camilo Gomez says:

    Theatre as bridge between trauma and liberation, as designed by Nube and Bernardo, helps social actors to overcome the scars of war atrocity, through a process that connects crude reality to art. This social practice, by the intuitive and warm instruction Nube and Bernardo provide, helps participants heal and to regain self-esteem, while feeling embraced and accepted by their adopting community. This, you can read in the video-documents of their work.

  179. C says:

    vote for DYNAMIS!!!!!!

  180. Amin says:

    Thespianz Theater Best Of luck i believe that you’ll win

  181. I feel proud for Sanjoy Ganguly, founder of Jana Sanskriti, Sanjoy is a Citizen Of Earth. His philosophy and mission is to make our HOME– THE EARTH, a beautiful place for the Humanity as well as for all beings. He stands firmly on the soil with his head held high in the sky. Sanjoy speaks for the oppressed people of India as well as of the world. His philosophy is being depicted through the theaters of Jana Sanskriti. Jana Sanskriti is very popular in India and in many countries of the world. Jana Sanskriti is a Sculpture of Time and Space. Sanjoy is an Icon of Indian Theater. I have personally visited the office of Jana Sanskriti in India, and highly impressed with the activities of Sanjoy and the members of Jana Sanskriti. I wish more success of Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti.

    Rupayan Bhattacharyya


    Kent, WA 98042, USA

  182. carlos bernal says:

    Nube y Bernardo, poesía y tenacidad. Importante gente así en el teatro

    • Je vote pour eux sans aucun doute! Parce qu’ils représentent un théâtre où la qualité artistique est une exigence et parce que leur travail a toujours été porteur de sens.
      Georges PERLA

  183. asif says:

    Thespianz Theater you make us proud

  184. Tauqueer says:

    My vote and support for Sanjay Ganguly. I think, he is the right candidate for award.

  185. Abdullah Jatoi says:

    Long Live Pakistan!
    Pakistan’s support, love and votes for Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood!
    Ellen Stewart Award will be present to Pakistani Theater Icons Inshallah.

  186. Diol Mamadou says:

    J’ai voté Sanjoy et le Jana Sanskriti pour saluer le travail important qu’il fait en relation avec les organisations paysannes en Inde. Et pour saluer les efforts du mouvement théâtre de l’opprimé dans le monde entier.

  187. ehsaan says:

    The one and only Thespianz Deserve to win.

  188. I voted for Berith Danse of Theatre Embassy International. She has developed incredible projects with informal and formal theatre groups in many developing countries. She enables these groups to improve their acting techniques and stage design, which helps them to increase the impact of their message. Their performances are about societal issues, and create awareness in the population on challenging topics such as violence, discrimination, water scarcity and climate change. She deserves recognition for her work and support to be able to continue this import work, in order to stimulate and improve the local capacity of freedom of expression

  189. Emilia says:

    Well done!

  190. farhan khan says:

    I have seen Thespianz Theater performance in under develop areas, where mostly very poor live, and most of them experience the theater first time in their lives. hats off to Thespianz for their great commitment for social change and bringing smile on sad faces.

  191. farhan says:

    I voted Thespianz Theater, they truly deserve this award.

  192. Elisabetta Tuccinardi says:

    Nube Sandoval & Bernardo Rey

  193. Satya Gopal Dey says:

    Sanjay Ganguly is d right candidate.

  194. sanjay says:

    I vote Sanjoy Ganguly, Jana Sanskriti (Kolkata – India)

  195. dorothee blaisse says:

    Bernardo Rey and Nube Sandoval, Colombians, are doing fantastic creative work with refugees in Italy and Colombia with a high human, artistic and aesthetic standard. It is so positive and so professional.

  196. Sanjoy is a highly respected global leader in Theatre of the Oppressed. The work he and his group are doing is helping to transform the world.

  197. Julian Boal says:

    I believe that what R. Schechner said about A. Boal, my father, that “he realized what Brecht just dreamt about” can be applied to Sanjoy Ganguly, he is the dream of my father. By the extent of his work, by the solidity of the mass movement he helped to create, by their eagerness in using theatre as a lever to change this world into a better one, Ganguly is, with our without a prize, a shiny example that inspires all of us who believe a world of equals is possible.

  198. Beatriz Herrero says:

    Sangoy Ganguly does an excellent work!

  199. Saida Marzia says:

    I vote Sanjoy Ganguly, Jana Sanskriti (Kolkata – India)

  200. Alvim Cossa says:

    Jana Sanskiriti e Sanjoy Ganguly fazem do Teatro do Oprimido uma verdadeira ferramenta de mobilização engajamento e formação cidadã possibilitando a muitos sua participação e partilha. Meu Voto vai para Sanjoy Ganguly!

  201. jale karabekir says:

    I vote for Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti who have been working theatre in the rural Kolkata, who have been changing many lives and transforming society by the means of arts, and whose work, wisdom, energy and love inspire us…

  202. Fanny Coulibaly says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly, with the Jana Sanskriti, is making a real social change in West Bengal and India, an all aver the world where they are sharing their work. He really deserve an award for his life of commitment for a better society, using theater of the oppressed.

  203. Dr Satendra Singh says:

    Sanjoy Ganguly and his Jansanskriti has done real grassroot level work in rural West Bengal. My vote goes to him.

    Dr Satendra Singh, Delhi

    • Charu says:

      Jana sanksriti’s work is important and inspiring… I wish theatre would be used the same way in more parts of the world! How powerful and humane the world would be…

  204. m. shafa says:

    my vote and support go to Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood who are the best artists in Pakistan. i wish you all the best.

  205. Yawar khan says:

    Thespianz Theater Truly Deserve this Award !

  206. Mukhtar wali says:

    Thespianz Theater Great Talent from Asia!

  207. Albert Oceija says:

    Theater Tigers from Pakistan Faisal Malik & Nouman!
    Glad to see them in finalist, No doubt them their arts contribution will pay off and they will win the hearts of thousand people!
    Gob Bless you Thespianz!

  208. Deepak Mehta says:

    Faisal Malik and Nouman Mehmood are the best artists in Pakistan. We wish you all the best.
    You make us proud.

  209. Martha Velandia says:

    Se lo merecen por tan incansable lucha

  210. Pilar says:

    Nube Sandoval and Bernardo Rey (Bogotà – Colombia)

  211. Sanjoy Ganguly is a remarkable and inspirational theatre activist whose contribution to social interventionist arts practice can hardly be over-stated. I encountered Sanjoy first through my own research into the theatre methodology of Augusto Boal: it became clear immediately that Sanjoy and his wonderful theatre company Jana Sanskriti were doing vital work disseminating Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ but at the same time making those methods very much their own. Sanjoy’s work continues to be a source of inspiration for so many people, both in his local/national context and for students and practitioners across the world. He is fully deserving of this major award!

    • Bijoy KUMAR CHATTERJEE says:

      Theater is a replica of the starc reality of life and Sanjoy Ganguly owns our support for his contribution to the field through Jana Sanaskriti specially for projecting the plight of the down troden section of the society. I wish him every success in his mission.

  212. Kim Astrole says:

    Pakistan deserve the award. Thespianz leading theater in Pakistan. I have seen their work when I worked in the consulate in Karachi

  213. Q says:

    Support dynamis

  214. mukhtarwali says:

    Thespianz Theater is the best it’ll Deserve to win.

  215. naureen says:

    Commendable work in theatre by faisal malik n nouman Mehmood. May Allah bestow them success! Live long pk

  216. LIGIA VASQUEZ says:


  217. Caty Avram says:

    Nubebsandoval bernardo rey comombia

  218. Adriana Emilia Herrera says:

    La mejor energy para Nube y Bernardo 🙂

  219. Excelentes nube rosa y bernardo Colombia bogota

  220. Jaures ochoa says:

    Fernando Calzadilla, inteligente muy creativo en su trabajo y mucha facilidad, para transmitir las ideas de lo que desea en el teatro tanto para los artistas como para los tecnicos.

  221. Pat Loeb says:

    Torange (here misspelled as Orange) is amazing – her company features works by and with performers from the Middle East, and dares to tackle even the most controversial of subjects. The company does amazing work with limited resources to open doors of understanding and communication as well as express challenging ideas with opinions from all sides. Torange and Golden Thread deserve celebration and honor – and this award!

  222. Mitch Greenhill says:

    How can I vote, please? Not seeing that option.

  223. Oumar says:

    Berith Danse is a unique gift for performing Arts she always tend to provide a mendium for any Mankind looking for a WORD!

  224. Cheikh Dieng says:

    I vote for Benitz dance is good for the integration

  225. Yolanda Villaneda says:

    Bernardo y Nube trabajadores incansables para que nuestra gente encuentre paz desarrolle habilidades y encuentre oportunidades a traves del teatro. Impresionante su trabajo. Se lo merecen!

  226. Rosa Maria says:

    Berith is a fantastic theatre director. Rosa

  227. Bernardo and Nube are amazing artists, who deserve to win. Lets vote them.

  228. Camilo Gomez says:

    Nube and Bernardo seem to embody their work. What they deliver and who they are, are not different. One comes to understand the power of socially engaged theatre in seeing them committed and dedicated to planning, producing, representing, and helping others overcome through participation. I would describe their work as effective, warm, and humble.

  229. Motti Lerner says:

    Torange Yeghiazarian has consisntenly struggled to write, direct and produce menaingful theater that expressed the desperate desires of the people of the Middle East for peace and for progress

  230. Eugenio says:

    Nube and Bernardo from Bogotá are working to make this world a better place to live in

  231. Luc says:

    Pitty Sanjoy Ganguly is wrongly spelt. But he is the best candidate for me.

  232. Muborak Sharipova says:

    I vote for Berith Danse for the Stewart International Award because her selfless art work engage communities to restore peace and bring social change is remarkable.

  233. liduine zunpolle says:

    Bernardo and Nube as Colombians, working for years in Italy to help African refugees to refind their self esteem and get over their traumas of war and misery; they managed to develop and internationally highlight the unknown artistic values of those who were treated as social outcasts.
    In that way they contributed to a more humane and understanding society, using the arts as an tremendously effective instrument.

  234. carlina Derks Bustamante says:

    The work of Berith has been important for the community and ancestral knoledge abourt birth in Ecuador!! congratulations Berith!

  235. Luciana Romoli says:

    Dynamic Theatre Company is the best

  236. Berith Danse is a tremendous director. She made beautiful and inspiring plays every where in the world. Her themes are about important subjects like slavery, climate change, women rights etc. She deserves this award!

    • Berith Danse, is a great theater maker , she came to Sudan where I get to know her, is gave for two times a tremendous workshop in the field of location theater with our Yong theater maker, tackling the theme of theater in conflict Zones >
      She deserves this award.

  237. Peter Samuel says:

    Faisal Malik is a highly popular in International performances, He is the Best

  238. sk jahir abbas says:

    Sanjoy Ganguli one of the great activist in theater world

  239. Jack Landers says:

    The award should go to Pakistan as Pakistan needs very high projection in soft image. Pakistan is a victim of law n order and also helping to whole world to be safe to live. This award must go to Pakistan.

  240. Haseeb says:

    Nouman Mehmood and Faisal Malik are awesome theater icons from Pakistan, good to see them in finalist, Pakistan will win Inshallah!

    • antho says:

      Who is this Faisal Malik? After doing two three western productions in colonial language for the elite and upper middle class audiences, one thinks that they are promoting some social change. Ironical. Please stop this cultural imperialism. And organizer of this award, should at least do some proper research reg the nominees – who they are supporting to.

  241. Nube y Bernardo¨s art work is absolutly aesthetic and necessary to help our planet to rebirth in harmony and peace. Wonderful!!!

  242. Susan K Maguire says:

    Fernando Calzadilla is an huge talent able to transmit his vision for theater and for instruction in equal measure. I have observed him teaching high school students, awakening them to a new range of movement, gesture, and expression. His set designs are clever and surprising innovations in space/time.

  243. Kerry Cleland says:

    Anna Newell from Replay Theatre Co. is the creator of beautiful, groundbreaking theatre that truly inspires, changes perceptions and holds the audience right at its heart. She totally and utterly deserves this award.

  244. Diana says:

    Fernando Calzadilla is an inspired and inspiring artist. He has my vote!

  245. Paul Stapleton says:

    Anna Newell is an inspiring director who continues to innovate across a broad range of interdisciplinary projects. Her talent, enthusiasm and willingness to take risks have resulted in artworks that expand our understanding of what it is to be human. She is making a real difference in the lives of many people, both locally and internationally.

  246. Mimmo says:

    Dynamic Theatre Company è la migliore!

  247. Patricia Galarza says:

    Berith is a great stage director using an interesting method of collective creation motivating and encouraging the participation of indigenous art forms revolorización with an innovative and contemporary look

  248. Berith Danse Berith is a great stage director using an interesting method of collective creation motivating and encouraging the participation of indigenous art forms revolorización with an innovative and contemporary look.

  249. Dadiana Perez says:

    Fernando is the best!!!! He is such an inspiration to all young aspiring artists.

  250. Aurora molina says:

    Great talent from miami!!!

  251. Seema Zahid says:

    Faisal Malik and Nauman Mehmood’s effortsin Pakistan for theater are remarkable.
    Seema Zahid

  252. Fernando Calzadilla is an amazing talent, theatre practitioner, and holistic artist who strives deeply to awaken the creative freedom and individuality of other artists he leads or instructs. I have found his teachings on Rasaboxes instrumental in my own work as an actor and as a Certified Michael Chekhov Actibg Technique Instructor. He radiates the charisma and warmth of a gentle guru aimed at pointing you to truth in art!

  253. Douglas says:

    Berith Danse has done much for the arts in Central America, is a woman who deserves all the awards in the world, for its tremendous work.

  254. Laye Ananas says:

    Berith Danse is uniqe in Europe. They help a lot of artist from around the world to make their dream come through and it means a world of a difference to them. Specially those who are at ground cero. She lift them up to a high level. She is highly proffesional and are able to see bejond the cultural difference. She go fare to give poor, but very skilled artists a posibility to bring their culture on an international level.

  255. Hira says:

    Faisal Malik and Norman Mehmood are very talented .

  256. She is a great artist

  257. Faisal Malik is a very hard working .

  258. ELaiza irizarry says:

    Great that ansin and calzadilla are finalist!!

  259. diana lopez says:

    nube sandoval y bernando rey

  260. Elvira Ferro says:

    Superb productions

  261. Andrea Paciotto says:

    VOTE YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE FOR THE ELLEN STEWART INTERNATIONAL AWARD for a theatre artist or theatre company whose work promotes social change and community participation with a particular focus on the engagement of young people.

    Be aware that can only vote once.